Surf Ears 3.0 Ear Plugs


Surf Ears 3.0 Ear Plugs
SurfEars 3 helps prevent ear inflammation and abnormal bone growth in the ear canal.
SurfEars earrings let sound through and allow you to have a conversation in the water. You forget that you are wearing hearing protection SurfEars 3.0 is a major advancement on SurfEars 2.0 as follows; Improvements to Fit and Comfort ? Now comes with 4 ear gel sizes fitting a wider range or ear sizes ? Reduction in the size of sound canal creates softer, less abrasive fit ? Refinement of sound canal angle creates a better anatomical fit in ear Improved Mesh Membrane ? Redesigned to prevent mesh being pushed in (broken) by fingers while installing in ear Improved Packaging ? Now comes in breathable, silicone case with magnetic closure and Carabiner hook ? Reduction in plastics Failsafe Installation ? Colour coded left and right plugs to ensure correct ear installation ? Cleaver, easy to follow coding to allow simple wing fitting Contains : One pair of Surf Ears 3.0 earplugs One adjustable cord One quality silicone case 6 additional gel plugs (4 total sizes) 2 fixing wings (2 total sizes) One manual

Details :
- NEW model Surf Ears 3 which replaces Surf Ears 2
- REVOLUTIONARY earplugs for surfing, water activities and swimming
- Protects your ears from water, bacteria without affecting hearing and water balance
- Comfortable, made with quality materials. Good fit thanks to different wing sizes and caps. Easy to forget
- Comes with 4 sizes of gel plugs, 2 sizes of fixing wings, silicone case and an adjustable cord


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