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Troggs Surf Shop has the largest selection of surfboards in the UK & Ireland. We have a wide variety of boards from beginner surfboards to high performance surfboards. We have boards for all surfing styles such as Hardboards, Softboards, Longboards, Mini Mals,  Mid Lengths, Twin Fins & Fishes

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All Surfboards

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Welcome to Troggs.com, your ultimate destination for an extensive collection of surfboards for every surfer's needs. Whether you're a novice catching your first wave or a seasoned pro perfecting your technique, our all-encompassing range ensures you'll find the perfect board to elevate your surfing experience.

Our Hardboards collection boasts a variety of surfboards, each tailored to specific styles and performance levels. If you're just starting out, our beginner surfboards collection will provide stability and ease of use, making your introduction to surfing smooth and enjoyable. For the more advanced surfers seeking precision and agility, our high performance surfboards deliver exceptional speed and responsiveness, ideal for tackling challenging waves.

For those who prefer a more laid-back ride, our Softboards category offers a selection of user-friendly boards that prioritize safety and fun. These boards are perfect for beginners and families, providing a forgiving surface that reduces the risk of injury while maintaining excellent buoyancy and stability.

Our Longboards are perfect for those who appreciate the classic style of surfing. Within this category, you'll find mini mals and mid lengths that cater to different preferences. The mini mals offer a great balance between maneuverability and stability, while the mid lengths provide a versatile option suitable for various wave conditions.

Explore our diverse range of Twin Fins & Fishes, which are renowned for their unique design and exceptional performance in smaller waves. These boards are favored by surfers looking to experience a retro style with modern enhancements, providing a fun and lively ride.

At Troggs.com, we are committed to providing top-quality surfboards to meet the diverse needs of the surfing community. Our expertly curated collection ensures that every surfer, regardless of skill level or style preference, can find the ideal board to enhance their surfing adventure. Dive into our collection today and discover the perfect board for your style and ability.

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