Hydro Tech 2 Soft Swim Fins - Ice Blue

By Hydro

Hydro Tech 2 Soft Swim Fins - Ice Blue

The Tech2 fins by Hydro are without doubt the most advance surf fins on the market. The fins were developed using Hydro's decades of fin making experience with a focus on ultimate comfort, reducing kick effort and maximising performance. The T2 fins are manufactured using a revolutionary new material called T-form, a super soft material providing unsurpassed comfort. eradication of blisters and beneficial flex characteristics.The Jet Flush System is the most effective of any surf fin. It releases sand and water fromn the foot cavity faster than it enters. To increase comfort and power output, the fins have been custom designed with left and right feet, using rounded edges in the foot pocket to ensure an abrasion free surf time.

Details :

  •  V-Rails - Increases surface area and thrust on both top and bottom of the fin. This allows extra trust on downwards and upwards kicks.
  • Ergo Blade - Eradicates ankle/let twist and injuries while increasing thrust.
  • Power Rods - Blade reinforcements that increase thrust and add durability.
  • Jet Flush System - Eradicates debris and water from the foot cavity.
  • Ankle Contour Strap - created by Hydro after studying the foot and it's swim movement to make the most comfortable ankle strap system possible.

Sizes Chart :

SIZES (UK) 4-5 6-7 8-9 9-10  10-11 12-13