Futures Techflex 2+1 Longboard Fins


Futures Techflex 2+1 Longboard Fins

The Techflex 2+1 combines the best of high performance longboarding and traditional nose riding. This set is intended to be ridden as a thruster with the Techflex materials providing highspeed stability, while the center fin allows for maneuverability with a soft flex pattern through the tip. The fins are durable and essential to get the best out of your session! They are light in weight and will ensure optimal performance on the wave!

Details :


  • Template Category | Performance 2+1
  • Construction | Techflex
  • Size | Large Longboard
  • Durable
  • Light

 Dimensions :

  Side Fins Center Fin
Area 14.22 27.90
Height 4.37 6.88
Base 4.22 5.74