Firewire Sunday Round Pin Surfboard Futures

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Firewire Sunday Round Pin Surfboard Futures

The Firewire Sunday surfboard in the new Helium 2 technology is going to smash every record set for surfboard sales, it ticks so many boxes for so many surfers its unreal. Looks like Rob Machado has done it again!! The Sunday appears to be a cruisy 2 + 1 mid length set up, but when you look deeper you'll see it starts at a 5' 6 and goes up to a 7' 3 what kind of madness is that!!

Maybe its not madness maybe Machado has hit upon something different. The reality of this board is that some will ride it as a single fin, some a twin and some as a 2 + 1, its got something for everyone by the look of it. In the smaller sizes its a super fun, speedy twin, which is very pivoty to surf.In the bigger sizes its a great mid length which will guarantee you a high wave count but be super fun to surf. Then there is the single fin option...and on it goes, so many different options in a functional fun shape.

Details :

  • The board has the wide point quite far forward and it carries a fair amount of volume right up to the nose so it paddled really well and also carried speed, remarkably stable too. There is single into a fairly deep double concave from the centre of the board and then vee through the tail so it generates plenty of lift and so speed and releases smoothly into turns. The pulled in tail is great in the pocket in the smaller sizes and when you scale up to the bigger sizes gives great hold in bigger waves.
  • Firewire's Helium tech is all about making an already amazing set of construction options even better. Its lighter, seems strong, no signs of any pressure marks at all, and very fast. High Density Aerospace Composite Deck Skins and a new Paulownia/Balsa mix on the rails gives a faster flex response. Having surfed the tech in a couple of different models it does feel light but the speed through a stiffer feel and responsiveness is exceptional, Helium is here to stay.
  • The Firewire Sunday is maybe the most fun board in the Firewire range, a real crowd pleaser, everyone should have one in their quiver!

Dimensions :

Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6" 19 3/4" 2 1/2" 31.22L
5'9" 20" 2 5/8" 34.66L
6'0" 20 1/4"  2 3/4" 38.32L