Vision SR Bodyboard 42"

By Vision


Vision SR Bodyboard 42"

The new Vision SR 42" Bodyboard features performance technology ensuring this board can generate speed and hold when performing turns, airs or other tricks in the water. Designed for beginners, intermediate to even more advanced riders. Using quality materials it is also durable and able to withstand impact from larger waves. It is a great versatile and durable board for everyday riding that performs extremely well in good sized surf. The fact the board features a stringer which is a fibreglass rod that runs down the centre of the board means it keeps stiff. This is very important when actually riding waves as a board without a stringer will flex and therefore the board will become bowed and slow you down ultimately meaning wave riding time will be massive reduced. The bottom features a great slick for enhanced board performance that not only adds strength but also a resistance free riding surface that increases speed and manoeuvrability on the water.

Details :

  • Core: V-Core
  • Deck: 4mm IXPE
  • Rails: Double 4mm IXPE
  • Bottom: 0.4mm HDPE
  • Leash: Coil urethane
  • Slick print, embossed deck grip

Dimensions :

  • 42 inches

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