NSP Protech Fish Surfboard Futures - Blue Tint



NSP Protech Fish Surfboard Futures - Blue Tint

The NSP Surfboard Protech Fish is not just a groveler –  stable, wide and flatter-rockered and will out-paddle most shortboards. They are fast, fun and perfect for ripping in all kinds of real-world conditions.

Details :

  • Rail: Boxy
  • Bottom: Concave into V
  • Ideal waves: 1-6ft
  • Level: Beginner – Expert
  • Constructed in NSP’s high-performance Protech technology with a 36g molded SecureCell EPS core with custom wet lamination.
  • Newly designed reinforced carbon tail patch helps tune the tail flex, mimicking the flex patterns of pro customs.
  • Wide nose creates more volume for added buoyancy providing more stability, faster paddling, and easy entry into the smallest waves with quick acceleration.
  • Rocker and rail outline are combined with single to double concave bottom, with V through the tail incorporated into a wide swallowtail.
  • The slight hip behind the front fins reduces the area under the back foot creating a pivot point for snappy turns. Boxy and full rails also add to the overall volume and forgiving nature of this model.
  • The Protech Fish performance delivers traction, down-the-line speed and maximum drive over the attest of sections.
  • A tri-fin thruster setup guarantees speed and liveliness, with enough hold to ride out a line.

The new tint lamination process provides each board with its own unique, artsy and custom-like finish. A visually appealing board!

  • Fins: The new Protech Fish models are available with NSP’s new 3x FTU boxes (all compatible with Futures® Fins) and come out of the box with 3x MFC- designed fins.
  • Generally, fish surfboards tend to be a bit larger than true shortboards and carry more width from tail to nose. Intermediate and advanced surfers appreciate fish shapes for several reasons: They are an easier “in for intermediates to try a shorter board, while the more advanced surfers appreciate their performance in smaller conditions. The stability of a fish surfboard makes paddling and surfing easier.
  • A fish surfboard has the flotation of a soft board to help the beginner along, but it isn’t a beginner board, as surfers of all levels surf with them.
  • Custom laminated finish
  • Secure cell 36g EPS Core
  • 6 + 4 oz deck
  • 6 + 4 oz + 4 oz patch bottom
  • Carbon-reinforced tail patch for exceptional flex control
  • Exceptional value
  • UV-stable resin


Dimensions :
Length Width Thickness Volume Weight +/- 5%
5'6" 19³/⁴ 2¹/⁸ 28.1 Liters 2.33 Kg
6'0" 20¹/² 2³/⁸ 35.1 Liters 2.68 Kg
6'4" 21" 2 ¹/² 40.2 Liters 3.01 Kg
6'8" 21¹/² 2 ¹/² 43.7 Liters 3.21 Kg