Alder Womens Impact 3/2 Back Zip Shortie - Blue

By Alder


 Alder Womens Impact 3/2 Back Zip Shortie - Blue

Perfect shortie for warm and sunny days on the beach and in the water.

Details :

  • Seams: flatlock
  • Fabric: main body / 3mm neoprene
  • Fabric: arms & shoulders / 2mm floflex neoprene
  • Single lined torso
  • Glide skin collar
  • PK plastic zip

Take care of your wetsuit by following these simple instructions:
Rinse your suit with fresh water and hang it out to drip dry after 
every use.
Do not use a washing machine or tumble dryer.
Do not use bleach on your wetsuit.
Do not urinate in your wetsuit.
Do not hang your wetsuit in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
Do not leave your wetsuit in a damp festering heap.

Sizes Chart :