FCS 2 Carver Thruster Fins - Large


FCS 2 Carver Thruster Surfboard Fins

The FCS II Surfboard Fins Carver Glass Flex Thruster Large fin set from the Essential Series. This fin has an elongated template for executing long arcing turns. The Carver has an extended sweep angle that provides excellent control off the bottom and when carving the face. Particularly good in point-break and reef-break waves. This is the 'go-to' fin set for power surfers who push hard against their fins and carve long drawn-out turns on the wave face. FCS recommend the Carver for boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

Construction: Glass Flex - Glass Flex has been formulated to reproduce the flex and memory properties of hand layed fibreglass. Stiffer and with a more positive flex pattern than other composite fins and boasting a remarkable flex memory (good tip flex and little base flex). The precision moulding process guarantees the highest accuracy in geometry in each fin produced

  • Size : Large (approximate rider weight 75-90 Kg)
  • Base : 116mm
  • Depth : 118mm
  • Area : 10150mm Sq
  • Sweep : 37.0 degrees
  • Colour : Black

PLEASE NOTE: These FCS II fins are NOT compatible with the original FCS and FCS Fusion fin plugs.