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Surf Hire

Troggs have been hiring surfboards and wetsuits here in Portrush since 1991.

Troggs Surf Shop has a wide range of equipment for rent. Foam and Hard surfboards, Bodyboards, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards, Wetsuits and all neoprene accessories. We have years of experience here on the North Coast and we can recommend with all sorts of equipment and advise where best to surf for your standard and the conditions on the day.


Ian Hill - Troggs Underground Surf Shop - Board and Wetsuit Hire July 1991

Surf Rental Charges Per Day / 3 Day / 5 Day

1 Day
3 Days
5 Days
Softboard & Wetsuit
£30 £80 £100
Hardboard & Wetsuit
£30 £80 £100
Bodyboard & Wetsuit
£20 £55 £90
Wetsuit Only
£10 £25 £40
Booties & Gloves
 -  -  -
Booties Only
 -  -  -
Gloves Only
 -  -  -
Softboard Only
£20 £55 £90
Hardboard Only
£20 £55 £90
Bodyboard Only
£10 £25 £40
Paddleboard (SUP)
3 Hours
£25 - -
Buoyancy Aid
£8 £20 £30


What kind of equipment do you rent?

We rent everything from learner foam boards, beginner hard boards, epoxy beginner boards, epoxy shortboards & fibreglass shortboards. Our wetsuits are Alder 5/3mm winter suits.

What is meant by 1 day rental?

Our prices are for a whole day's use so whether you're surfing for 1 hour or 8 the price is the same.

Do you rent everyday?

We rent on most days unless the conditions are unsafe. We will always advise which beach in Portrush or the surrounding area will be best to surf on that day.

What is the procedure for hiring?

Pop into the Troggs Surf Shop on the day. You will be required to leave a deposit (see below) on the days that you wish to rent and you will also be asked to fill out a form.

What time can I drop into the shop to rent or pickup my reserved equipment?

Our Troggs rentals department opens at 10am every morning. Best to get in early so that you have the entire day to use the equipment.

What kind of equipment can I rent?

To rent a softboard it is advised that you have already taken a beginner surf lesson and that you know the basic fundamentals of surfing (Book Now -https://www.troggs.com/pages/troggs-surf-school). To rent a hardboard, you must have proficient knowledge of how to surf and show that you understand swells, wind, rips, tides etc.

What time do I have to return the equipment?

Equipment must be returned by 5.30pm on drop off date. Late return of rental equipment will incur a minimum penalty fee of one extra day’s rental. Damage to equipment will also incur an additional fee to cover repair or replacement, so please make sure you look after the equipment and return in the same state that you hired it in.

Can I hire equipment for longer than a day?

We can arrange for you to hire out the equipment for longer than a day. (See above for prices). Payment is upfront and we will need a deposit (see below) to be left for the duration of the equipment being out on hire. It is up to you to store the equipment in a safe environment overnight. Any loss or damage will incur a fee.

What can I leave as a deposit?

We require photo ID and a credit card to be left with them while the equipment is out on hire. This is to ensure the safe return of all rentals.