Dakine Kaimana Team 8ft Leash

By Dakine


Dakine Kaimana Team 8' x 1/4" Leash

This is the new Dakine 8ft Kaimana Team Surfboard Leash, perfect for Minimals, Funboards or for regular boards in larger surf. Designed with a focus on strength, comfort and ingenuity in order create a leash unlike anything else.

Details : 

  • DuraCord with speed pockets, for maximum strength and reduced drag.
  • Zero Distraction ankle cuff with an ergonomic base plate that reduces bulk and conforms to the ankle.
  • Silicone ankle grips - keeps the ankle cuff from shifting on the ankle during use.
  • 100% Marine Grade Stainless Steel Bearing Swivels.
  • Infinite Flex moulded leash ends, increase flex to maximise strength while keeping the leash free from tangles.
  • Thinline railsaver with streamlined design to reduce bulk.
  • 6.5mm urethane with Speed Pockets