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Riding the Waves: Northern Ireland's Surf Scene Spotlight

Riding the Waves: Northern Ireland's Surf Scene Spotlight

Andrew hill |

It's been an amazing experience for me as the owner of Troggs Surf Shop to watch the surfing community in Northern Ireland develop and flourish.


I had the pleasure of sharing my thoughts on what makes surfing in our area so unique in a feature article that the Belfast Telegraph just published, giving our local surf scene a much-needed spotlight.

Northern Ireland is home to some of the greatest surfing locations in Europe. From novice surfers to experienced surfers searching for their next big wave, these beaches have something to offer everyone.

Troggs Surf Shop is proud to have served as a vital point for our growing surfing community for over 40 years. We've been dedicated to providing the best equipment, expert advice, and a welcoming atmosphere for all surfers. Our surf school is one of the longest-running in the area, offering lessons that cater to all levels of experience. See lessons

We are thrilled to be featured in the Belfast Telegraph's recent article, which highlights the vibrant surf culture in Northern Ireland. This recognition not only celebrates our local surfing spots but also underscores the passion and dedication of our surf community.

For more detailed insights and tips on surfing in Northern Ireland, check out the full feature in the Belfast Telegraph. Join us at Troggs Surf Shop, and let's ride the waves together!

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A staple of the North Coast! Great to see how Troggs are impacting the culture they have been so heavily involved with.


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