Troggs North Coast Changing Robe Long-Sleeve - Navy/Cream

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By Troggs


Troggs North Coast Changing Robe Long-Sleeve - Navy/Cream

Details :

So here we have it, the Troggs all weather changing robe navy on the outside with a cream fleeced inner come equipped with:

  • A waterproof Ripstop outer layer - Designed to keep the wind and water out while being hardy enough to take a bit of abuse.
  • Recycled Sherpa Fleece Inner - To keep the heat in, come wind rain or snow, the lovey softness should keep you comfortable getting changed in any weather 
  • Fleece-Lined Pockets - to keep the hands cozy if your walking, sitting about or waiting on friends getting changed out of the surf.
  • Waterproof Chest Pocket - keep your phone/keys close by when getting changed out of your suit or walking in the rain 

Small Logo on the front Chest, Bigger Logo on the back 

Sizing Info

The Troggs North Coast Robe comes in 2 unisex sizes. S/M and L/XL.

The S/M is recommended for adults under 5'8". Robe Length is 110cm. Robe width is 80cm.

The L/XL is recommended for adults 5'9"+. Robe Length is 122cm. Robe width is 85cm.

The robe is designed to be oversized and loose fitting, allowing for comfort and room for changing.