Robie Robes Original Changing Robe - India Ink

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The Robie Original was where it all began: the first ever changing robe, created by us back in 2007. Its simple, classic design and top-quality Turkish cotton construction has proved hard to beat and it’s still the most popular changing robe on the market. With a generous cut and soft terry towelling inner, a Robie Original will keep you cosy and covered up as you get changed, whatever the conditions out there. It’s a must-have piece of kit for any swimmer, surfer, beach lover, or water sports fanatic.

The Robie Original changing towel for surfers is a great piece of kit. Over the years we have heard it called a towel poncho, changing towel poncho, even a changing towel poncho Ireland, but we know it as and simply call it a Robie.

  • Hood with room to dry your hair
  • Short sleeves
  • Generous cut for easy changing 
  • 100% cotton construction with outer velour and inner soft terry towelling. 


  • SMALL ROBES: Perfect for teenagers to adults 5’4″ tall and under.
    Length of robe 102 cm and width 75 cm.
  • MEDIUM ROBES: Perfect for adult men and women over 5’4″ tall and over.
    Length of robe 110 cm and width 80 cm.
  • LARGE ROBES: These are also extra long robes, perfect for adult men and women 6′ tall and over.
    Length 130 cm and width 80 cm.
  •  X-LARGE ROBES Perfect for Adult Men and Ladies over 6'4" and over