GT 4 Elements 41.5" Bodyboard - Water/ Graphic


What Are the Four Elements?

The four elements are Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
These elements form an ancient system of relationships and
transformations believed to be at the root of our universe.

So is to believe that our personality type is made up of one
or more of the elements- Everyone has a different mix, which
explains why we are such very different people.

When we come to understand how the elements shape our minds,
Style and the way we ride the waves, we open the door to different
bodyboard shapes, tails, rails and colours.

Being fascinated with the 4 elements for decades, I designed a new
Mega-t pro line based on the 4 elements, each of them having it’s own
rail, tail, thickness and gorgeous unique graphics that will turn heads. So what is your life element?


_ Imperial PP or D12 PP Core
_ HDPE Graphic bottom
_ NXL Deck/ Surlyn Bottom/ IXL Pinline & NXL Rail
_ IXL Pinline & NXL Rail
_ x1 Carbon Fibre Stringer
_ Nose & Tail Bumpers
_ Nose Bulbs on Slick
_ XMesh Bottom Layer
_ Colourways may vary depending on your location.



Skintec™ is the most advanced compression cell technology ever developed for professional bodyboarding. The multi-layered polymer composition allows for the skin to absorb pressure & impact compressions, creating increased strength & recoil making for a more responsive performance board.


Precision Recoil Stringer™ also known as PRS is a tapered carbon fibre stringer. The PRS is wider and stiffer at the tail of the board, and becomes narrower and more flexible as it gets closer to the nose of the board. This stringer works with the core adding spring like recoil in the nose while maintaining stiffness in the tail, the perfect combination for board projection.


NXL skins mould and adapt to the riders body position and style of surfing. The lightweight NXL skin finishes with a smooth, flawless seem for added performance without the hassle of rashes when you’re surfing without a wetsuit. The soft positive feel of NXL is the benchmark for performance based skins with added sustainable recoil.

D12 PP

EXPANDED POLYPROPOLYNE 1.2LB DENISTY FOAM. 100% WATER PROOF. The engineered D12™ has been developed to give the rider more flex & recoil in a PP board. The characteristics of D12 create superior control. Ideal for the rider looking for a high performance bodyboard with additional flex.


PREMIUM POLYPROPOLYNE 1.9LB DENISTY FOAM. 100% Waterproof. The premium option for those who like a strong, light-weight, and fast board or a board that performs exceptionally well in warmer climates. Its durability is unrivalled by any other core.