FCS GX Natural GF Quad Rear Fins - XSmall


FCS GX Natural GF Quad Rear Fins - XSmall

Details :
  • Base: 3.86"
  • Depth: 3.93''
  • Area: 1107mm ²
  • Sweep: 332 °
  • Foil: FLAT
  • Use: Ultra small ideal for part of a thruster set for light surfers
  • Use: Also suitable as rear fins for quad or side fins for a longboard
  • Glass Flex (GF) fins are molded from engineering grade polymer. The flex of these fins has been designed to help novice surfers maintain speed and acceleration as they learn to execute turns and maneuvers.

Sizes Chart :

Size Weight (kg) Weight (lbs)
X-SMALL Under 55kg Under 120lbs
SMALL 55kg - 70kg 120 - 155lbs
MEDIUM 65kg - 80kg 145 - 175lbs
LARGE 75kg - 90kg 165 - 200lbs
 X-LARGE Over 85kg Over 190lbs