FCS 2 MR Neo Glass Twin + Stabilizer Fins - XLarge


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FCS 2 MR Neo Glass Twin + Stabilizer Fins

The latest Neo Glass incarnation of the FCS II Mark Richards Twin + stabilizer fin set has landed.

This 2 + 1 fin set incorporates Mark Richard's famous twinnie template, renowned for its blistering speed and drive with the addition of the small stabilizer centre fin which brings a little control without obstructing the freedom and manoeuvrability of a twinnie set up.

Probably best in a twin fin fish with a centre box, but could really loosen up a modern wider tail groveller.

Construction: Neo Glass Neo Glass is a brand new construction process which has been getting some rave reviews from the FCS team riders. By blending the finest nylon and long strand fibreglass they have created a fin with some exciting characteristics. Kai Otton, Felipe Toledo and Davey Cathels have been putting the Neo Glass fins through their paces and claim “they have plenty of drive and made my board feel alive” and are said to have a superb recoil, increasing drive and carrying speed through turns. FCS II Neo Glass fins = Fast response, Quick Acceleration, Consistent Performance and Greater Control, with the added bonus of greatly reduced weight.

PLEASE NOTE: These FCS II fins are NOT compatible with the original FCS and FCS Fusion fin plugs.