Coucon LS Changing Robe - Camo

By Coucon


The Camo Long Sleeve Changing Robe from Coucon is designed for optimal protection and warmth while allowing easy changing. Ideal for those who want to stay the warmest and spend long periods of time outdoors.

The Coucon is a premium changing robe designed to offer optimal protection from the elements in any location. Featuring a fully waterproof windproof breathable shell and our luxury lining that has unparalleled warmth and softness, you can change anywhere anytime in comfort without exposure to the outside world and elements.

As the Coucon was primarily designed as a changing robe when using it for this purpose it is not your normal fit. The Coucon should feel very spacious and loose to allow you to pull your arms inside and get changed, with lots of room to move around inside. If you do not intend to use the robe for changing you can size it to fit more like a coat, reducing the overall size but still allowing room to wear over clothes & kit. The Coucon is the ideal Robe for getting outside and active outdoors!

Wear it as often as you want over wet or dry gear. Use it to get changed or to walk the beach the Coucon will keep you warm and dry anywhere, anytime. From the mountains to the sea take your Coucon wherever your imagination will.


As the Coucon was primarily designed for changing it is not your normal size fit. The Coucon should feel very spacious and loose to allow you to pull your arms inside and get changed. It should allow for enough space to move around inside and long enough to keep you covered. Ideal for changing in and out of a wetsuit or getting kit on and off for open water swimming. 

The below chart will ensure the correct size for changing space.


HEIGHT 5’2"-5’8" ft
156-175 cm
5’9"-6’3" ft
176-192 cm
193-203 cm
26-40 26-45 26-45
WAIST 22-32 22-40 22-40
DRESS SIZE 4-14 4-20 4-22+