Cortez Woodcraft Surfboard FCS - Sequoia


Cortez Woodcraft Surfboard FCS - Sequoia
The Cortez Longboard is back in this amazing Woodcraft finish. It is the same traditional lightweight, extra tough epoxy construction but now with this stunning wood finish. The Cortez Epoxy construction Mini Mal surfboard is one of the best selling starter surfboards, whether it's a first "proper" surfboard, a first foray into the beginners market for an beginner/intermediate youth or adult.
Details :
Width and volume create a stable platform, making the "pop" to your feet much easier to negotiate and thereby speeding up that all important transition from prone to standing the key to progressing quickly.
Not only do the Cortez surfboards look great but they are constructed using a Three Phase Epoxy which is significantly stronger and more durable than a traditional PU Fibreglass surfboard. Just like a high-end PU surfboard, the Cortez Mini Mal has a composite stringer that runs the entire length of the board giving it rigidity and the springy feeling that many starter boards lack.
The epoxy construction makes for a nice lightweight board perfect for progressing your surfing and easy to lug around. Cortez surfboards use the FCS fin system, a simple design making it simple to remove and replace the fins should you need to. 
(Longboard Fin + FCS 1 side bites)  2+1 Fin System Giving you the option of old school single fin or if you want a bit more hold add the side bites 
Fins are included with the board.
Dimensions :
Size Width Thickness Volume
9’1” 22 7/8 2 13/16 66.03L