O'Neill Psycho Tech 5mm Split Toe Boot

By O'Neill



  • 5mm
  • External Split Toe
  • TB3X Taped Seams
  • Heel Pull
  • Super soft sole for bare foot feel

The Psycho Tech 5mm's keep the warmth of a thicker boot whilst still giving you a good amount of feel. The boots have a Technobutter Firewall interior which has a heat retaining thermal interior layer and quick dry properties, the Technobutter is super flexible making them comfortable and quick to slip on (especially with the Heel pull). The boots have TB3X taped seams internally as well as Fluid-Seam Weld covering the triple-glued and blindstiched interior, these watertight seams work to keep you in the water the longest. The O'Ring seal keeps water & pee that may have flushed through your suit from flooding the boots, without the O'Ring urine trouble!