Tahe Tobago Kayak - Blue/Grey

£449.00 £749.00
By Tahe

A Fast & Stable Tandem Family Kayak

The Tobago Kayak is the perfect family kayak for two adults and one child. Its ergonomic seating positions provide for several possibilities of use: 2-adult paddling, with 1 child.

The central seat, in the shape of a motorbike seat, is very practical for kids. There is also space for a bag or container when out on an excursion. A hydrodynamic hull shape provides stabiltiy and excellent glide for going further, faster.

The Tobago comes with a wheel at the rear for easy transport, bow protection and elastic straps to secure your equipment and EVA foam pad covers on seats. The Tobago is a fast, stable and comfortable kayak.

Ideal for

Two adults plus one child
Tandem use for medium distance adventures
Ease of transport with integrated rear wheel


A fast and stable family kayak for two adults plus one or two small children


VERSATILE “FAMILY” KAYAK FOR 2 ADULTS + a child passenger on the central “motorbike” seat)

CENTRAL “MOTORBIKE” SEAT For carrying a child or storing equipment (water supply, bags…)

STABLE THD HULL DESIGN (SIMILAR TO A TRI-MARAN) With refined bow shape for excellent glide and tracking

REAR STORAGE AREA With integral elasticated straps for carrying more equipment

MOLDED FOOTRESTS To suit all sizes of paddlers

REMOVABLE REAR BUMPER/PROTECTORX  With integral roller for easy transportation.



INTEGRAL DECK LINES For ease of re-boarding

TOUGH TST THERMOFORMED CONSTRUCTION To ensure maximum usage in maximum safety

100% RECYCLABLE At the end of its life to respect the environment




  • Model - Tobago
  • Color - Blue / Grey
  • Shape - Sit on Top
  • Length - 12'11" / 395 cm
  • Width - 33.1" / 84 cm
  • Weight - 70 lbs / 32 kg
  • Max Load - 550 lbs / 250 kg
  • Capacity - 2 adults + 1 child
  • Drainage Holes - Yes
  • Plug Supplied - No
  • Footrest - Fixed Footrest
  • Technology - TST (see below)
  • Product Type - Rigid - Thermoformed
  • Country of manufacture - France


The exclusive Twin Sheet technology used in the construction of TAHE kayaks is acheived by using thermoformed Polyethylene sheets. The deck and hull sections are formed and sealed together in one single operation. The result of this fusion is incredibly durable, unique in kayak manufacture. The join line is invisible and 100% secure. This process, creating a product that is lighter, stronger and smoother finished than rotomoulding, is also anti-UV treated. Highly resistant to knocks and scratching, it gives all TAHE kayaks exceptional durability.

7 mm Polyethylene skin anti UV treated: Strong and Durable, highly resistant to knocks and scratches.

1- Deck and hull sheet thermoformed in one single operation: Fusion of hull and deck sheets into one complete kayak, with maximum strength along the rail.
2- Deck and hull sheet thermoformed in an aluminium mould: Precision manufacturing for a quality shape giving maximum glide and performance
3- Front and Rear bumpers (replaceable): Protect the kayak against abrasion and wear and tear.