O'Neill Heat 7mm Round Toe Boot

By O'Neill


O'Neill Heat 7mm Round Toe Boot

If you are looking for a really warm wetsuit boots so you can enjoy your water sport in the harsh winter months then the O'Neill Heat 5mm round toe wetsuit boots are certainly worth considering. Really comfortable to wear and one of the most popular selling boots we stock. Suitable for anyone going in the water that either feels the cold in the summer or wants winter warmth. The addition of thermal lining inside the boots is a major plus as the trap the heat which keeps your feet warmer for longer.

As the physical link between you and your board, O'Neill is committed to designing the best performing boots available. The Heat 5MM and 7MM Round Toes features new Foxing Seam Weld and Firewall lining.

Details :

  • Glued and Blindstitched Seams • Top Shin Strap: Anti-Flush • Durable Textured Rubber Sole • Firewall Interior • External Foxing Seam Weld (100%) Sealed • Forefoot Strap with Neoprene Lining • Heel Pull Tab
  • FluidFlex Round Toe
  • Interior Taped Seams
  • Glued and Blindstitched Seams
  • Anti-Flush Shin Strap
  • Forefoot Strap
  • Heel Pull
  • Exterior: Fluid Foam
  • Interior: Fluid Foam 

Sizes Chart :